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‘HEALTHCAA’ is a user-friendly all-inclusive healthcare platform which provides an easy access to the best medical care for everyone; anytime and anywhere in the world. It allows convenience of both, the real and a virtual medical universe. Everyone here has opportunity to seek real time medical support. Total health care solutions, including round the clock expert consultation, health insurance, access to nearest medical facility, prompt drug delivery, electronic health record keeping and much more. Health care delivery, now also available through video/audio conferencing using mobile phone or other electronic devices, can create prompt, far-reaching and reliable health solutions even in the remote inaccessible places.

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Our Services


Health Services Right At Your Finger Tip

Through our web portals which are designed for click and find discovery process without any unnecessary hassles users will be able to just find any kind of health services, information about drugs and drug delivery to their locations etc. They won’t have to go to multiple places or platforms to look for different requirements as they will be getting all the organised information at one place.

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Health security?

We provide all kinds of health insurance services along with our membership health cards which cover your health services in case you need any kind of financial help during chronic cases. Our online consultation services enable you to get real time health consultations from our highly qualified team so that no soul lose out due to late response from service providers.

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Rate Consultants

Also you can rate consultants , review the feedback of other customers and decide based on such feedbacks which consultant suits best to your needs. If you want to change your consultant, no worries. Its one click away. Just find other consultant from our rich records and hire him.

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Go Fund Us

When we started our journey, we started with the health care awareness camps. On our journey, we realized people are fairly aware of health care concerns. However, facilitating actual health care is a major concern because of lack of infrastructure and lack of connectivity between health care seekers and provider. To bridge this gap, we realized we have to create a centralized system for addressal of health care concerns, that is one casement solution for all health care concerns. It is definitely an ambitious project.

Despite having a brilliant team and project plan, we are facing challenges to build the technology and infrastructure because of insufficiency of funds. And this is where we need your help. History has proven time and time again that when people back up a cause, it definitely changes things for better. So please support this campaign, your small (or big) contribution will truly make a BIG difference.

You can fund us via Bank Transfer or PayTm.
: +91 9560147122
Bank Name: Axis Bank
Sandeep Kumar Sharma
Account #: 916010015233805
IFSC Code: UTIB0000624

For More info : +91 9560147122

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