About Us

About US

HEALTHCAA is your one step solution for all the health services you need. We specialize in an affordable healthcare management system that is easily accessible and caters to all of your needs related to health. With an ambition to revolutionize the health sector in India and to provide easily accessible healthcare services in every corner of the country.
HEALTHCAA works with an asset light model powered by technology. We connect users with service providers and aggregators through our web portals embedded with a cloud based IT infrastructure. It ensures that all the information is available all the time and accessible by users anywhere, thus removing the physical gaps of location and distance.

What Are We Trying To Do?

Health services in India still suffer from a scattered and unorganized healthcare information and service providers on innumerable online and offline service providers. Treating critical illnesses still amounts to massive bills due to which a large percentage of chronic patients fail to acquire proper treatments. The health records, patient databases, service details, forms are mostly paper based records which not only makes the record management a cumbersome task but also reduces the efficiency of service providers.

Indian Health Sector

The healthcare services sector of India amounted to somewhat $100 Bn in 2016 and is expected to grow to $ 280 Bn by 2020 with a compounded annual growth rate of 22%. The healthcare expenses of average Indian household I increasing steadily for some last years. Though the sector shows considerable opportunities, much has not been done in enhancing the services and improving the online presence of the health services.

The current models of health care and the services being provided right now mostly includes treatments and there is very less focus on the preventive health measures which can not only add to the substantial healthy life of the people but also saves a lot of people going through the agony of pain and sufferings.

68% of urban Indians do not practice preventive healthcare at an early stage, despite the recent developments in the industry and focus on yoga and wellbeing. The numbers indicate that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to aware people about the healthy lifestyles, preventive measures and about the illness so that people are ready to take proper course of action in a time of health crisis. With $20 Billion global HER market in 2016 to grow to $33 Billion by 2025. India is one of the fastest growing regions.

A large share of India population and the people in the remote areas are still not so tech savvy and introduced to the digital revolution in the health sector. Their major resorting point still remains the local service providers. This lack of accessibility to appropriate health services forces them to get entangled in the circles of unqualified service providers.

What is our vision?

With our light and easy healthcare management system, HealthCAA , we are tackling the problems of scattered information, ineffective discovery mechanisms, affordable health care services, access to quality health care, lack of preventive health services and the technological gap when it comes to mobilise such health care services through digital mediums and using latest technologies. We provide a holistic healthcare management system that solves out these problems and brings you the best, affordable and quality health care services you thought were impossible. We are determined to keep growing with such vision and make millions of lives happy, secure and healthy. We, at HealthCAA, are working to revolutionise the health services and make world a better place to live.

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